If you need to cancel a lesson, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your lesson.
Make up lessons are only available if a lesson has been cancelled due to illness or family emergency. Scheduling conflicts due to sports, school events, or special family activities may be rescheduled within the same week as the original lesson and require at least 2 weeks notice. Forgetting to attend in a lesson results in forfeiting that lesson.
Please note that there are no refunds on lessons. JP Vocal Studio will guarantee make up lessons for any cancellations we have to make due to illness or personal emergency.
JP Vocal Studio operates on a term-based schedule. Lessons are calculated on the number of lessons over a term period (10-18 weeks). Payment is broken into equal monthly payments and invoiced to the student/parent prior to the start of term. Post-dated cheques (1st of each month) are required on the first lesson of the term.
Other forms of payment available:
·       Online e-transfer (if monthly pre-payment can be set up)
·       Cash
If in the event that a cheque bounces, the client (adult student/parent) is responsible to pay any bank fees (both banks may charge) and to ensure lesson fees are paid in full.

E-transfers are a convenient form of payment and I'm happy to accept them on the basis that payment is made by the 1st of each month (or one payment can be made for the whole term).  There will be a $10 penalty fee for late payments.  This is in place to avoid "chasing after" payments and to stay consistent with other forms of payment (i.e. post-dated cheques).
Students can expect to invest $10-20 per term in sheet music and accompaniment track purchases.   Participating in music exams and festivals will also require additional fees, which vary depending on the event.
Students are expected to come to their lessons prepared with the following:
·       Notebook for lesson note-taking
·       Music Binder (that stays open easily), music books
·       Pencil (no pens, please)
·       Water bottle (voice students)
Voice lessons are recorded and an mp3 file of the lesson will be emailed to the student each week for practicing purposes.
JP Vocal Studio aims to provide a well-rounded music education. Lessons will include technique, theory, ear and sight training, and practical application through a variety of musical styles.
Students are expected to practice 5-6 days week for 30 minutes/day. Beginning students will start at 15 minutes/day and increase to 30 minutes as the music gets more challenging. Advanced students will require 45-60 minutes/day.
JP Vocal Studio aims to provide at least one performing experience per term. Performing opportunities may include music festivals, talent shows, music competitions, coffee house concerts, local events, singing with a live band, or recording sessions. 
We strongly encourage students to work towards performing as it builds confidence and experience and gives a sense of accomplishment in the skills they have gained throughout the term.
Our website is interactive, allowing parents and students to access their lesson information. Each student/parent will be given a username and password to access their personal account. Once logged in, students/parents may access their Profile, lesson history, lesson schedule, and billing information, and other useful lesson tools.